Full Time All Wheel Drive & Auto 4X4

Modern all-wheel drive systems are controlled by a combination of transmission and engine management computers. AWD systems add to the complexity of vehicles. The professionals at Dr. Trans have serviced thousands of 4X4's, and AWD vehicles from the Jeeps and Willies in the 1970's to todays modern vehicles with computerized all wheel drive censors, to the big Hummer's.

If you think you might be having a problem with your AWD transmission call us for a Dr. Trans Check-Up. This service never costs you anything!

Minor problems now are major problems later. AWD transmission problems do not go away on their own. Dr. Trans is only a phone call away.

Or fill out our exclusive on-line "Trouble Shooter Page" and a Dr. Trans professional will evaluate your transmission problem for you.

Dr.Trans is San Diego's most comprehensive transmission center . Everything we do is warranted in California and in all (50) fifty states.