For slightly more than the cost of a motor oil change, transmission fluid change may be the best ally your automatic transmission has.

Dr. Trans is the only transmission professionals in San Diego with the patented "Power Flush". The only automatic transmission fluid / "ATF" change that replaces 100% of the fluid. Your Vehicle is raised, and the pan and filter are removed.

The "Power Flush" System attaches to the pump input port and fresh ATF is fed in, displacing the spent fluid from the transmission. This includes the torque converter, cooler lines, clutch packs and valve body; effectively replacing 100% of the ATF.

The "Power Flush" microprocessor based control system monitors and controls the process, assuring that the service is properly performed. A new filter and pan gasket complete the process. Want to see how the "Power Flush" works? Click Here.

A trained Dr. Trans technician is an expert in transmissions and will ensure the job is done right. See Dr. Tran.

L. A. Times Article, March 10, 2004

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