Discovering a leak early may help you avoid further damage to your transmission and save you a lot of money.

The ideal method for finding leaks is to park your vehicle on a clean, clear spot. The area should be level. Twenty four (24) hours later, look at where the vehicle has been parked, and see if your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, usually red in color or light brown.

If a green fluid appears, it's probably coolant for your engine. CAUTION: Green fluid is probably coolant "Anti freeze" and is poisonous it also taste sweet. Children and pets will be attracted to this.

Black is usually your engine oil.

A leak in any one of these systems is something that won't get any better, and will affect the performance and safety of your vehicle.

If you are leaking anything, give Dr. Trans a call, and we will do all we can to help put you safely back on the road, and give you the honest advice you need.

Or fill out our exclusive on-line "Trouble Shooter Page" and a Dr. Trans professional will evaluate your transmission problem for you.

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