If your transmission is slipping, something is wrong and you need to have a trained technician evaluate the problem. A Dr. Trans Check-Up is your best bet, and remember, it never costs you anything.

A transmission is designed to hold effortlessly in any gear. If the transmission is slipping out of gear, something has gone wrong with the external controls, the internal parts or electronic controls of the transmission.

External controls sometimes need adjustment or replacement, and this is considered to be a minor repair. If the problem is internal, it could be something as easy as a low fluid level and insufficient pressure. A slipping transmission will only get worse, and may leave you stranded, and in need of a tow a long way from home.

Call Dr. Trans as soon as you notice the problem. This may not only minimize the damage to your transmission and potentially save you money on a repair, but also, gives you the peace of mind you need when traveling.

Or fill out our exclusive on-line "Trouble Shooter Page" and a Dr. Trans professional will evaluate your transmission problem for you.

The best advice is to see a Dr. Trans as soon as possible.

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