If you live in San Diego you know, “It can get hot here”! Well, take that heat and combine it with towing a trailer, pulling a boat, overloading your vehicle, stop and go traffic, then on to highway speeds. These factors break down your transmissions fluid.

If you would like to have your transmission run smother, shift better and have your transmission last a whole lot longer, consider purchasing an auxiliary cooler. The cooler will help to reduce stress on the transmission by keeping the temperature down. It's a small price to pay for a happy trip to, and back, from the shore.

See Dr. Trans and explore the possibility of having a auxiliary cooler installed.

A Dr. Trans technician can install a cooler for your vehicle. The price depends upon the type of vehicle you own.

If your driving a recreational vehicle, and would like to make sure you don't have transmission problems far away from home, change your transmission fluid every 12,000 to15,000 miles.

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